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Acupuncture Explained

This is a neurological intervention directly into the body structures both superficial and deep including vital organs as Liver, Spleen, Kidney and Heart etc. Therefore, neurological stimulation to the body organs, skin, bone and soft tissue either increase their activity or decrease the activity. This will result in permanent relief from disease or various pains.

According to the body structure and functions of the body, there are known two neurological systems are working in the body:-

1. Sympathetic System

2. Parasympathetic system

A third system has been described by the Chinese Traditional Medicine about 5000 years, knows as

3. Meridian system i.e. “Nervous outflow”.

This system is present in the all living creatures including Human Being with full development form. This is only present in the live subjects and disappears in deads.

This is nervous outflow and cannot visible in forms of nerves as a part anatomical structure of the body. Therefore, the meridians are flowing superficial and deep of the body, connecting deep vital organs like Stomach, Liver, and Kidney etc. When the meridian comes to the external surface of the body, it creates an acupuncture point, which a Gateway for stimulation.

If a point knows as St36 or St25, it means 36th or 25th point of the stomach meridian, which is passing through stomach from toes to face. Stimulation to these points by help of acupuncture needles and with a low voltage stimulator or by the Laser rays either activates the functions of the stomach. The selections of group of pre-determine acupuncture points treat the dysfunction of the organ involved in the particular disease process.

The disease treated permanently without using any chemical medicines or an extensive surgery.

The proof of existing meridian system is lies in the fact that the western medicine uses this system extensively without knowingly that they are using meridian system.

As an example:-

1. Recording of the Heart Activity by the E.C.G. monitor, the brain activity by E.K.G. and the muscle activity by applying electrodes superficially on the chest or brain.

2. Using High voltage current directly to the heart through the stimulator to stimulate the activity of the collapses heart in the emergency situation.

3. Using Electrode directly over head to control the violent behaviour of mental patent by giving electrical shock etc.


Six different theories have been put forward to explain the phenomenon of acupuncture healing process but none can explain all the effects fully.

The scientific researchers are going on at different part of world as USA, China, UK and Germany to find out the correct explanation of acupuncture effect. The main hospital of New York is using services of acupuncture experts to

The acupuncture treats pains, several diseases and dysfunctions by improving body functions.

There is no side effect of this therapy.


1. The University of Western Cape, Bellville, Western Cape is providing training in the Chinese medicine via five years course in the Chinese medical education followed by one year internship.

2. The Health Professional council is providing full registration to practice acupuncture and the Chinese medicine in South Africa under professional medical body knows as Allied Health Professional Council of South Africa.